March 16th, 2012

16 Mar

Where the HDR fascination started…

By Silver Blue

I was in Ghent, Norfolk, VA, and had shot a good number of photos of the Naro Theater and … back in those days, the only option I knew of was the somewhat primitive Photoshop option.

A different look (not necessarily better, but different) is now available by clicking three buttons.

The lower is garish, while the top appears lost in a fog. The difference is that the top photo took (when I rendered it, back in 2007) about 15 minutes of heavy computing power. The lower one took about 8 seconds.

Sometimes, however, just a proper exposure for neon can make all the difference. This one has no HDR effects applied at all, and it’s the one I prefer most:


Silver Blue…. who tries to capture what lights up his world.

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