March 3rd, 2012

03 Mar

The Calm Before The Storm

By Silver Blue

The year: 2003 The month: September. The day: 18th.

The Hurricane? Isabel.

The radar?

(This photo NOT taken by me, obviously)

Isabel, as she approached North Carolina.

The day before, however, all was calm, all was… bright.

and then the clouds started up…

and increased in volume…

Then, as night fell, we had no clue…

That what was being classified as a “minor” hurricane to hit Hampton Roads (some say a weak Category 1, some a regular, some a weak Category 2 depending on where and when you were hit) would leave us without power for 12 days, without a furnace or hot water for 3 months (due to the basement taking in 5.5 feet of water back through the sump well, destroying the furnace and hot water heater), and without a “complete” roof for 7 months.

Still, Mother Nature has a way of showing that life goes on… just four days after the wrath of Hurricane Isabel…

“Look, Rhett. The Magnolias are in bloom.” (Margaret Mitchell)


Silver Blue, who wonders if the weather would be as wonky … if humans weren’t on this planet.

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