18 Apr

The way things were

By Silver Blue

I’ve posted this photo before, in a time when I wasn’t doing much photo manipulation. This was taken in February 2007 in the backwoods of North Carolina.



Silver Blue, who thinks so many places crumble before being captured by camera….

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16 Mar

Where the HDR fascination started…

By Silver Blue

I was in Ghent, Norfolk, VA, and had shot a good number of photos of the Naro Theater and … back in those days, the only option I knew of was the somewhat primitive Photoshop option.

A different look (not necessarily better, but different) is now available by clicking three buttons.

The lower is garish, while the top appears lost in a fog. The difference is that the top photo took (when I rendered it, back in 2007) about 15 minutes of heavy computing power. The lower one took about 8 seconds.

Sometimes, however, just a proper exposure for neon can make all the difference. This one has no HDR effects applied at all, and it’s the one I prefer most:


Silver Blue…. who tries to capture what lights up his world.

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12 Feb

Colley Avenue, Ghent, Norfolk, VA

By Silver Blue

February 2007. Looks mostly the same, only the San Antonio Sam’s has been replaced with a Chipotle restaurant.

The Red Dog Saloon (previously The Maxx, and before that, Elliott’s). Home to one of the biggest hot dogs I’ve ever seen (I think it was a 16 oz dog!). Haven’t eaten there in a number of years.

Across the street is Bella Pizzaria in Ghent. Love that the neon sign, this night, was malfunctioning, to tell you to:

“Be A Ghent”. LOL. This place has the best garlic knots, and deluxe stromboli I’ve ever put in my face. 🙂

Finally, just a shot up the street:

The neighbourhood pharmacy (one that’s not a chain!), The Red Dog, (now defunct) San Antonio Sam’s, and the Naro Expanded Cinema.

Silver Blue, who’s finds that it’s a lot easier to lose weight when you do the cooking yourself, but the scenery never changes. LOL.

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30 Jan

I miss this lady!

By Silver Blue

In 2007, my Grandma introduced me to the wonders of the Wii.

Grandma was a very good bowler back in the day, with an average in the mid-200s.

That year, she encouraged me to play… and play… and play…just one more game, John. It would be 2 in the morning, and we’re still at it.

Of course, after all that “throwing the ball” my arm (and shoulder) felt like it was falling off. Still, it’s due to her that I own a Wii, and in fact, I have her “Mii” on my station.

“I am with you, because you remember me.”

Yes, Grandma, you most certainly are.

Grandma and Miette (Mom’s teacup chihuahua). A little over a year later, Grandma would have moved on in the multiverse. I miss you, and love you.

Silver Blue, who believes I’ve got angels watching over me.


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18 Sep

You’re no bunny, till some bunny loves you…

By Silver Blue

Taken in the Ghent Section of Norfolk in February 2007, the Ghent Pharmacy revs up for Easter. Something about a drug store that still closes at 6pm, even in 2011, makes me nostalgic for a simpler time. Don’t get me wrong. If I’m away at 2 a.m. and need something from CVS, Walgreens, or Wal-Mart, I like the convenience. But is almost as if some of our innocence has disappeared… because it has.

Silver Blue, who thinks that sometimes the past and the present do collide.

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