March 22nd, 2012

22 Mar

Go…I must let you go…

By Silver Blue

Sometimes, you know that what you want, and what you have to do are polar opposites. Like a flame that cannot be held. Some things have to burn freely, and if you attempt to control them YOU’RE the one who gets burned.

Friendship is like that. Romance is like that. Love, life, and happiness are all like that.

Though we may think we know what is best, the multiverse always has its own design.

The hard part is to let go. To turn it over, to allow a power greater than yourself to bring you to clarity, peace of mind, and serenity.

Too often, however, human ego, greed, and desire gets in the way.  You may escape the flames at first, but there’s that little thing called…

…Karma. It has a way of bringing the past, present and future together. Best to keep a clear account with Karma. For what you put out to the multiverse, so you shall reap.

These photos were taken on a warm September’s night in 2006. Everyone who was present that night has had their lives changed, for better or worse. Come to think of it, of the people who were there who were in a relationship, not one still exists six years later. So go the sands of time…


Silver Blue, who is introspective and contemplative tonight. Must be the New Moon tonight.

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