March 4th, 2012

04 Mar

Through The Eyes Of Silver Blue

By Silver Blue

“Through The Eyes Of Silver Blue”
F. John Barker III
October 21, 2006

All aboard for a journey
Through the Eyes of Silver Blue
we’re tripping through my timespace
and the guest of honour is you.

We’ll go half-way ‘round the world,
and go hopping from state to state,
we’ll visit old friends and family,
and the occasional twist of fate.

Vacations and party spots,
locations far and near.
life experiences big and small,
and photos that I hold dear.

Music will be our companion,
there are poems never read,
we’ll laugh with those of the living,
and celebrate with those who are dead.

A small blue bunny will join us,
home renovations will take place,
Mother Nature will blow all around us,
and Father Time will show us his grace.

So join me for some memories,
thoroughly researched, I know they’re true –
step inside and see my life,
Through the Eyes of Silver Blue.


(When I worked at WPEX, AM1490 in November 1986, I used an old analogue mixing board and threw this song out of phase through feedback and unintentional reverb. The result, IMHO, ended up more accurately expressing (to me) the feeling of the song.)

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