March 13th, 2012

13 Mar

A long (and long overdue) post about Roxette Bunny™

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Roxette Bunny™ is the cutest, truest, and sky bluest bunny that has ever existed. She hopped into my life in 2003, and made herself right at home. She’s a great travel companion, and being that she recently traveled to Virginia Beach with me, I thought it best to take you back in time… back to Kenton, Ohio, when they were having the “Little Chicago” night in 2003 as a fundraiser to help restore the Hardin County Armory.

My late grandmother (Katie Cottle), my mom’s teacup Chihuahua (“Miette”), and Roxette (in nothing more than a bow! Scandalous!)

Hopping uptown to explore the festivities.

Paying homage to fallen heroes at the Liberty Garden.

Here, Roxette pauses to pose on the steps of the Armory.

Gazing in the windows to see what renovations have taken place (I hope her eyes were better than mine — I couldn’t see through the curtain!)

Lending a paw to the Emergency Crew of the “B-K-P Life Squad”

Inside the Armory, Roxette causes a stir by invading the men’s room!

She took some time out to raise money for scholarships…

…and oversaw the cooking of 100 chickens.

Her eye was caught (as was mine) by the silver and blue computer case in the window….

….and was distracted by looking for carats. (Carrots? Well, DIAMONDS are a girl’s (and bunny’s) best friend. LOL)

Hopping to the Arcade in search of Family Fun.

Reading about the history of the courthouse.

In front of the courthouse. A Grand Old Building.

Here, we find Roxette eying the goods at Kenton Surplus.

All that Hopping gives tiny blue bunnies a great thirst!

Roxette wanted to catch a film (Showing? Spy Kids 3D, Tomb Raider 2, and Pirates of the Carribean).

Unfortunately, she couldn’t get someone IN the ticket booth to sell her a ticket.

So, she looks at a historic site (now a parking lot) and comments on how it would be a LONG way down.

Deciding what flowers to send Grandma. The building behind her used to be a laundromat and the Wards store in town.

Roxette proves that even small blue bunnies, when they pop out of the mailbox, can startle the mailman.

Even bunnies like to have fun, and sliding down the banister is just the thing!

Roxette was to go to New Orleans with me, to Florida, Nags Head, and other places… so you may see those photos at some point in the future.


Silver Blue, who remains young at heart, thanks to a small blue piece of plush, affectionately known as Roxette Bunny™

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