March 6th, 2012

06 Mar

Not an angel on my shoulder…

By Silver Blue | 1 comment


….not sunshine either.

It’s Roxette Bunny™!

On our way OUT of town evacuating from Hurricane Irene (2011). Fortunately, the storm deviated from its projected path, and missed Hampton Roads.

Tired of Natural Disasters, Roxette Bunny™ and I head back home. Glad it was an uneventful, unplanned vacation (evacuation), but also knew we’d be glad to be back home.

Roxette says next time either I let her consult her magic blue crystal:

Or we travel in style and FLY out of here. 6 hours behind the wheel made her one frazzled hare.


Silver Blue, who hopes the hurricanes stay away again in 2012!

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