March 9th, 2012

09 Mar

The Norwegian Lady of Virginia Beach

By Silver Blue

The story of the Norwegian Lady Statues may be found at:

I ventured down to the oceanfront today, in the cold. So cold that I actually saw flurries at the beginning of my photo journey. I didn’t get pictures of King Neptune this time, but that, too, will change.

The Norwegian Lady:

and her memorial plaque:

The full frontal shot is:

The topmost plaque under the Lady is cast with a sailing ship and the inscription:

“I am the Norwegian Lady. I stand here, as my sister before me, to wish all men of the sea safe return home.”

The brass plaque (with the green patina) is the “In Memoriam” of the sailors aboard the barque “Dictator” who perished March 27, 1891.

Silver Blue, who always remembers the beauty and the fury of the ocean…

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