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Hello! I’m Jonathan Everyday, or John Barker, or Silver Blue… actually, I’m all three, rolled into one.

I’m an audiophile, an amateur photographer/videographer, and a wannabe gourmet. I love to cook and try out new ingredients, and I enjoy documenting important moments of my life through pictures, video, and song.

Expect this to be fleshed out as time goes by and I feel a little more comfortable in my new environs.


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  • 01 Michelle 06/11 22:28

    John! I am sending you virtual hugs right now! Of course I remember you…I am happy to see you blogging again and will definitely be adding you to my list. I am still around, though I may not post as often as I’d like 🙂

  • 02 Angel with a Camera 12/04 17:45
    Angel with a Camera

    Sooooooooooooooooooo glad to see you have a new blog. I am one of your fans!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • 03 Kelly 05/31 10:36

    I know you from quite a while ago. We used to keep in touch, but lost touch. I’ve been looking for you and just stumbled across this site, and figured I’d reach out.

    You should never loose touch with best friends. I’m sorry we did.


  • 04 Silver Blue 05/31 10:57
    Silver Blue

    I’m a bit speechless at the moment (which all 4 of you know is a rarity). I never thought… I’d connect again with the later 3 of you… one I knew from blogging, one I worked with, and the last… well… you’re right. We should never lose touch with best friends. I’m sorry we did as well. It’s … put a very pleasant spin on the day.
    The best to all of you….
    John (Silver Blue)
    “…we’ve got time, baby there’s no rush…gonna be a better day for us… hang on…and I will wait for you.”
    (Basia, “Time and Tide”)

  • 05 Gayle 03/12 11:28

    Hi John- I was looking for some info on Jane Olivor and stumbled across your website. It appears that you were quite a fan, so maybe you can help me. I’ve been searching forever for a copy of her 1979 Summerfest video with absolutely no luck. Can you help? Maybe you have a copy or can put out some feelers?
    Your blog looks pretty interesting. It’s the first time I ever added one to my “faves” list.

  • 06 Silver Blue 03/23 07:53
    Silver Blue

    Gayle: Unfortunately, I am no longer a fan of Ms. Olivor’s. I worked as her web manager from 2002-2005, and we parted ways. I haven’t had contact with her since that time, nor have I had contact with the various fan groups. I remember there was one on YahooGroups, so you might want to try there. I had also been told that from time to time a copy appears on ebay, but I’ve never verified it. Good luck in your search!

    • Gayle 03/30 20:34

      Yeah, I did kind of figure that you had a parting of the ways, as they say, but I appreciate very much your responding to my inquiry! -g

      • Silver Blue 03/30 20:36
        Silver Blue

        No problem. Good luck on your search! – John (Silver Blue)

  • 07 Mark 11/25 18:19

    Wife and I great lovers of Jane Oliver’s Greatest Hits. One line in the song The Best Side of Goodbye has evaded us for 30 years. Comes after “But when I think…………….can you help pleeeeeeeeeze?

    • Silver Blue 11/25 19:29
      Silver Blue

      It’s been years since I’ve been involved with Ms. Olivor, or even listened to her songs but the line you wanted to know about is “But when I think about the way we were I’ll break down and I’ll cry, can’t lie…you’ve got the best side of goodbye.”

  • 08 Jamie 05/03 18:58

    Hey there, John!

  • 09 Leslie 06/29 11:44

    Hi John,
    My name is Leslie Crannell and I am the secretary of the Olde Wythe Neighborhood Association and we are working to have the Wythe School restored. We are looking for photos of the school and I found the ones you have posted and was wondering if you had any others you could share. I am particularly interested in pictures from when the school was built (you have one on your site) and any of the interior.
    Thank you, Leslie Crannell

    • Silver Blue 06/30 07:41
      Silver Blue

      Leslie: I’m currently away from the Silver Blue Photography offices and will be back around July 15. I’ll look to see what I can find upon my return and will send them to you.

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