hurricane irene

06 Mar

Not an angel on my shoulder…

By Silver Blue | 1 comment


….not sunshine either.

It’s Roxette Bunny™!

On our way OUT of town evacuating from Hurricane Irene (2011). Fortunately, the storm deviated from its projected path, and missed Hampton Roads.

Tired of Natural Disasters, Roxette Bunny™ and I head back home. Glad it was an uneventful, unplanned vacation (evacuation), but also knew we’d be glad to be back home.

Roxette says next time either I let her consult her magic blue crystal:

Or we travel in style and FLY out of here. 6 hours behind the wheel made her one frazzled hare.


Silver Blue, who hopes the hurricanes stay away again in 2012!

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31 Aug

There’s got to be a morning after.

By Silver Blue

A shot taken prior to the arrival of Hurricane Irene. I was in introspective mode, but love the way that Mother Nature says, in spite of everything, life will go on. Hampton Roads was spared a great deal of devastation from the storm, which at its peak, was a larger storm in size (but not in intensity) than Hurricane Katrina.

Managed to make it through without much damage at all. I had a piece of my siding trim blow off (which I retrieved from the yard):

I just need someone with a 25′ ladder and a hammer to put it back in place.

The house took on no water in the basement (which means the furnace and hot water heater were saved), but the back yard, above the old septic tank, held quite a bit of water:

I gave this lawnmower to the neighbours. They were going to put it in their shed, once they made room for it. It sits above the abandoned septic tank. The storm water came to within 2 inches of covering the mower.

I give credit to numerous deities for keeping my property safe, but also to my Northern Star. They kept an eye on things here… I know they did because of the clues they left behind:

Silver Blue, who knows there’s got to be a morning after, if we can hold on through the night…


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