April 11th, 2012

11 Apr

I beg your pardon…

By Silver Blue

….how’d you like to stroll through my rose garden?

The first rose of the year, the burgundy iceberg (photographed Sunday, April 8, 2012):

As it opened and filled the air with fragrance…

Gotta love those old fashioned roses. The second rose to bloom was 12′ off the ground — the climbing peace (which has over 40 buds on it …before I lost count!):

This was taken yesterday (April 10, 2012) morning as I was out the door and on the way to work.

Today, it’s a bit more open:

We have two orange roses…Tropicana:

Plus a tall orange/pinkish rose that I don’t know its name:

There’s another blossom getting ready to open on that burgundy iceberg:

As well as one that is much further along:

Finally… and most definitely not last… “Bud” is back and ready to have a go at it again:

I love this time of year for the roses, but not for the pollen. Still… you want one, you’ve gotta put up with the other.


Silver Blue, who asks that you smile for a while, let’s be jolly…love shouldn’t be so melancholy. Come along and share the good times…while we can!

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