April 3rd, 2012

03 Apr

Pieces of my past

By Silver Blue

There are certain things that will always remind me of my youth, and I’ve had the opportunity to capture a few of these in picture this evening.

This was from my Grandma on my mom’s side. He sat on a shelf in her kitchen for years. I mean… for YEARS.

There’s something underneath him as if he were at one time mounted on a pole or something like that. He’s heavy…made of solid metal except for those gleaming red eyes. Grandma gave him to me in the mid-80s, and he’s either been on the shelf above mom’s sink, or in her display case since then.

Dad brought back, from Japan, a pair of Kimono’d figurines.

(The sword hors d’oeuvres picks were from Greece (as is the wine decanter behind the male figure) when dad was in the Navy.  I gave him the Cherished Teddy Sailor for Father’s day about 15 years ago.)

When I was in High School, I ended up having to drop out of AP Algebra and take Algebra III at a local college. I helped a Chinese lady with her English, and she presented me with this watercolour. This would have been either fall 1984 or spring 1985, but she painted it in June 1983. I still remember the other option was a clown on a unicycle with balloons, but this more captured the Lucy I knew. 🙂

My room is pretty much as it was when I lived at my parents house, with a few minor changes. I was big into unicorns and suncatchers in high school:

The feathers were from Ohio — a cousin, if I recall correctly.

Finally, remember my logo? This one?

It’s still there. It’s just hidden now behind my mother’s collection of Furby’s (she has them all, except for the gem encrusted $100,000.00 FAO Swartz edition):

Years can’t take away these memories. 🙂


Silver Blue… over and out.

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