24 Jun

The difference a year makes.

By Silver Blue

The Super Moon, shot May 6, 2012.

Shot May 6, 2012.

Shot May 6, 2012.

I was learning how to do nighttime photography, and there were several hours of post production done in order to bring out the craters on the moon from the slightly blurry photo taken with a 1300mm manual focus lens.

Shot June 23, 2013.

Shot June 23, 2013.

This photo had 3 minutes of post processing performed on it — because it was shot in RAW format, and needed to be converted to JPG format. This photo was taken with the same camera (Canon Rebel T3i) and the same 1300mm manual focus lens.

The 2012 photo also had the moon “moved” to center it in the frame, whereas the 2013 photo did not have the moon moved.

I find it interesting that the time of the camera shot (2012, 10:13pm EST; 2013, 10:43pm EST) as well as the fact that the “Super Moon” appeared 1 month, 17 days later shows the rotation of the impact craters on the moon.

Silver Blue, who agrees…one small step for man…


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18 Dec

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

By Silver Blue

Sorry, readers, to have been away for so long. I’ve been so busy with my day job, and attempting to sneak in time for Photo Phridays, Snapshot Saturdays, and everything else that I’ve neglected the blog. So, for those who aren’t following  me on Facebook, here’s a selection of photos taken at Busch Gardens, Williamsburg during their Christmas Town celebration:



































Silver Blue, who hopes to be able to keep up with the blog more frequently now….

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10 Jun

Mr. Mister.

By Silver Blue

Or in this case, Mister/Mister.

From Busch Gardens, two water misters attached to fans causing an early morning fog/cool down. I didn’t avail myself of it, however, because I had my camera with me. 🙂

Silver Blue (who really DID say, as soon as I looked at this: Oh! Mister Mister!)

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01 Jun

We got COWS!

By Silver Blue

Anytime someone talks about tornadoes, I think of the line from Twister.

The sky looked ominous:

Gladys Smith of Hampton took the following photo (not me):

No immediate reports of injury or loss of life.

Silver Blue, who is exhausted, without power (so I’m over at my parents’) and will go sleep-sleep now.

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28 May

Happy Memorial Day

By Silver Blue

I’m the son of a son of a sailor, and on this Memorial Day, I give thanks to both my Grandfather and my Dad who fought to protect my freedom.

From the left, my Grandfather, my Dad, and me.

Silver Blue, who believes most people think today is just a National Cookout day. Sad.

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21 May

I turned 43 today.

By Silver Blue

13 years ago, this was my cake:

If I felt over the hill then (and I did), you can imagine how I feel now!

Silver Blue, who asks you to hand me down my walking cane…..

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03 May

In the garden…

By Silver Blue

So, I’m late getting into the container garden thing this year. I normally start from seeds, but one thing or another got in the way this year and so… the container garden was from fully sprouted plants. I chose to go container garden because I can walk out the front door and harvest, instead of out the front door, around the house to the back forty and then fight ‘skeeters, etc.

Two container tomatoes…with cages, and … blooms!

Four new rosemary plants! (If only I could figure how some people have them as perennials and not annuals, I could save some $$.

Three German thyme.

Sweet Basil, Plants 1-3.

Sweet Basil 4-6.

…and Sweet Basil 7-9. I grow a lot of basil because I LOVE PESTO.  I make a really mean grilled pesto pizza with Parmesan cheese.

Mexican thyme. I believe in having an international garden. 🙂


Common Sage. Yes, the name on the little tag says “Common Sage”. What would make it “uncommon sage”? If it could sing and dance?


Silver Blue, who looks forward to the bounty of tasty goodness this will provide, plus, being able to water the plants and enjoy them in the stillness of morning.

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11 Apr

I beg your pardon…

By Silver Blue

….how’d you like to stroll through my rose garden?

The first rose of the year, the burgundy iceberg (photographed Sunday, April 8, 2012):

As it opened and filled the air with fragrance…

Gotta love those old fashioned roses. The second rose to bloom was 12′ off the ground — the climbing peace (which has over 40 buds on it …before I lost count!):

This was taken yesterday (April 10, 2012) morning as I was out the door and on the way to work.

Today, it’s a bit more open:

We have two orange roses…Tropicana:

Plus a tall orange/pinkish rose that I don’t know its name:

There’s another blossom getting ready to open on that burgundy iceberg:

As well as one that is much further along:

Finally… and most definitely not last… “Bud” is back and ready to have a go at it again:

I love this time of year for the roses, but not for the pollen. Still… you want one, you’ve gotta put up with the other.


Silver Blue, who asks that you smile for a while, let’s be jolly…love shouldn’t be so melancholy. Come along and share the good times…while we can!

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