April 6th, 2012

06 Apr

Now, when I look at the clouds across the moon…

By Silver Blue | 1 comment


…there’s so much to learn about photographing that giant white orb.

Clouds will cause a light spillage, causing for a misshapen moon.

The lower the ISO, the better. I thought a higher ISO would mean shorter exposure but I should have gone for shorter shutter speed. Note that above, you can see the roundness of the moon in the dark cloud — the brightness (and spillage) are creeping outside the size of the moon.

Still, with a bit of luck, I achieved a few photos worth mentioning (even with lens flare!)

I love the sheer moodiness of this photo. Almost like the introduction to a horror movie.

Perhaps the best for last (well, of the shots from last night). I almost looks as if the moon is experiencing solar flares. 🙂


Silver Blue, who still looks with inquisitive wonder at that sleeping satellite….

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