April 20th, 2012

20 Apr

The word of the day is…

By Silver Blue


No, no. This is a dramatic cloud formation, It is NOT Ebelskiver. So… what is this strange sounding word?

These are Ebelskiver (some spell it Æbelskiver). Danish puff pancake balls. They can be savory (as above, with ham, swiss cheese, and scallions), or sweet:

These are filled with bits of peppermint patties, or candy bars, or strawberry jam.

How does one make them? It does require a specialized pan, available in specialty stores (and Williams/Sonoma):

Here, you can see the pan, the batter, the Hershey Kisses that would go inside. You fill the wells with about 2 tbsp batter, and after about a minute, drop the filling in, then cover another another 2 tbsp batter. After another minute or two, using two chopsticks, or two skewers, you “roll” the Ebelskiver in their individual wells. They pull into the full round shape. Cook for another minute or two and serve hot. Savory, they’re great with salads. Sweet, they’re the perfect ending of a meal.

Silver Blue, whose heart isn’t in the blog this evening, but wanted to share something unique.

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