12 Apr

On wind and waves…

By Silver Blue

This photo was taken at the base of a bridge in Tappahannock, VA, in the summer of 2012. I call it “On wind and waves…” because the birds seem equally at home on either.

onwindandwaves(C) 2012 F. John Barker III/Silver Blue Photography

Silver Blue, who loves the wind AND the waves…


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24 Feb

In a FOWL Mood

By Silver Blue

Took the day off from work because I’m sick of the only days off from work being those days that I am… sick. I have things that need tended to on the weekends normally, so no time for play there. Here comes the word that it will be in the 80s (in February!), and strong, potentially destructive thunderstorms in the afternoon.

Time to use the camera! What to shoot? What I did, put me in a FOWL Mood!


Hey Mr. Seagull, can’t you read? No fishing or crabbing!!!

I love the form of the gull on the wing. I don’t think this one’s name was Jonathan Livingston, however.

They did perch and peer at me, however. Determining that I had neither Cheese Puffs or bread to feed them, however…

…they soon took to flight.

Personally, I think I was in a flight path, today. 😉

Bye-bye blackbird. The one in the middle was obnoxiously noisy. You can see the open beak.

Mister (or Miss) Dove was looking for lunch. Like most doves, this one was shy and quickly darted behind the tree.

I’ve photographed these pier ruins over the years

(This was from 1995. You can see how little remains, and with each nor’easter and hurricane we get, more disappears…)

Mr. and Mrs. Mallard are looking for lunch as well.

As are these Canadian Geese, which no longer migrate. Is it due to the weather, or because people are feeding them?

Finally….just to prove that the weather was good for all…

Not a hare was out of place. 🙂

There were many more photos that are worthy of sharing…but they’ll have to wait for another way.


Silver Blue, who really enjoyed being out in nature today….

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