Forester John Barker III

31 Mar

Playing Dress-Up

By Silver Blue

Journey back with me to my high school years. (Photographic permissions from Max/Ward Delmar/Lifetouch Photography has been obtained prior.)

My Junior Year was marked by taking two different girls to two different proms. Here I am with Christie Ann Bolton, taking her to her Carollton Junior Prom. (N.B. – This photo has been modified to correct the position of the shirt. Unfortunately, the photographer was not professional enough to alert me that the “ruffles” were folded over and the shirt was way out of position, nor would he allow me to hold the walking stick to display the handle (see below).)

I had my hair “spot permed” in my Junior year, to achieve the pompadour effect. I had a top hat that had been purchased for the outfit, but on the ferry ride from Portsmouth to Norfolk, the wind whipped it off my head and into the bay. I still joke about a “best dressed fish” in the bay. (I like my hair best in this photograph.)

My own Junior Prom photograph (a week later), where I took Eleya Celeste Finch to our (Hampton High School) Prom. Eleya is wearing a cameo choker belonging to my mother. My walking stick handle actually is the lid to the “Mr. K” cologne made by Mary Kay. (I might add, a MUCH more professional photographer took this shot.)

My Senior Prom photo (note the cane handle again!), with Tammy McCabe, a freshman who had wanted to go to the prom, but didn’t know any Seniors. I didn’t have a date, so she accompanied me. (Side note: I owned the tuxedo for the Junior Proms I attended, but this gray tux with tails was rented – as was the walking stick, which we whittled down to accept the cane topper, re-gluing the plastic stick cover in place before returning it!) I was able to realize a silly dream I had by having the limo Tammy and I were in go through the McDonald’s drive-thru on Aberdeen Road in Hampton, VA and ordering a small Diet Coke.


Silver Blue…. who remembers the rose after the rain, and agrees…something beautiful remains.

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