30 Nov

Ghosts of Christmas Past

By Silver Blue


(C) 2016 F. John Barker III/Silver Blue Photography

Silver Blue: I remember this lighted cardboard Christmas tree being placed in the front window of our home in Charleston, SC, every year until we moved in 1980. Then, it was on my parent’s mantel, and then was passed on to me.  The little cut out stars were, at one time covered from the inside with colored cellophane.  The light, a simple night light bulb, illuminated the tree.

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18 May

Knock Knock!

By Silver Blue

Sorry, Gnome-one’s home!

Came upon this tree in February. I thought it looked like there was once a Gnome door here, but they went south for the winter and boarded it over. Maybe they were tired of being harassed by myriad squirrel.  Regardless, it made me smile to think about, and still does. It’s a neat tree.


Silver Blue… who is looking forward to his birthday on Monday!

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08 Jan

Holiday Roundup

By Silver Blue

Before we pack away the holiday season (and being that January  7 was “Old Christmas” (the difference between the Gregorian and Julian calendars) it’s time to have all the decorations down and put away!), let’s take a gander at the season that was. This edition is going to be photo heavy… 19 of them, brought to you in True Silver Blue Colour!

We’ll start off with an old wives’ tale. If the red berry bushes are laden with berries, it will be a hard, cold winter. (With or without snow.) I’d say we’re screwed. LOL. I’ve NEVER seen the berry bushes this heavy with berries, and I’ve been keeping my eyes open for a long time.

It’s a… a… okay, it’s a Imbibe to Survive the In-laws holiday bottle tree. I recognize Vermouth, Grey Goose Vodka, 1800 Tequila, Di Serrano, Jagermeister, Wild Vines, Arbor Mist, Alize, Riesling, Cointreau,  and Our Dog Blue.

Santa Hats for everyone! After all, if you’re going to be in the holiday spirit, share that spirit, right? (I have no idea how many hats were involved, or how they were attached…)

While technically not a holiday photo, I loved the lighting and texture this picture provided, and felt the need to share. 🙂

Anyone for kissing under the mistletoe? Being that it was in short supply (the mistletoe, not the kissing, from all accounts), these people merely needed a shotgun and they were sitting on a fortune!

The neighbours do it up with live greenery every year. More patience than I have:

Each window has its own fresh swag (which, I’ll admit, smells wonderful).

Some people go all out (in the right way):

…and decorate (and light, I might add) a blue spruce.

While others go all out…

…in the WRONG way. People! Inflatable holiday decorations might be cute…if you have one. Two at the maximum. But when you no longer have a yard due to all the forced air? You’ve taken it from Classy to Trashy.

Panning to the other side of the street, I see… tasteful decorations again. The red and green (and simple white lights) add elegance to this brick house (though for the life of me, I’ve never understood what possesses people to make them PAINT brick. The entire purpose of brick is that it doesn’t need painting in the first place! Oh well… moving on.

Welcome Santa! I’m sure that the stockings (and candy canes) looked quite festive in their glittery reflection of Rudolph’s nose. 🙂

Speaking of noses…

The poor Santa Snow… uh… “head” on the left is missing his nose. Perhaps a neighbourhood bunny became confused and made off with it.

A lot of fresh evergreen/pine roping and wreaths were used in the neighbourhood this year. I think, since this is a composite fence, that they used 3M command strips to celebrate without ruining the fence.

When space is tight, make the most of minimal decorations. While we didn’t have snow, Frosty here doesn’t seem to mind.

I remember the house years ago before it looked like this. Spoda Inc. did a wonderful job renovating and improving the house.

Almost a “Painted Lady” style Victorian house with broad, wrap around Veranda, the wreaths and swags are a nice accent.

I didn’t see if there was a chimney on this house. Perhaps Santa had to hitch his reindeer here! Then he…

…went across the the street for a little Holiday Luau. (The crane is concrete, but the palms are real.)

Keeping with the beach feel…

This house, with this window swags, and pampas grass in the front yard…. gives one a “Christmas with a Tan” sort of warm glowing feeling. 🙂

Ending our tour…

Sometimes less can be more. The tree lights up, the reindeer do not. Still, it’s tastefully done, and a pleasure to photograph.

Silver Blue…. who hopes that everyone had a great season, that that the joy stays with you the whole year through!

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20 Jul

The memories that are made to last…

By Silver Blue

…Continuing with the Christmas in July theme.

From December 1986.

The last time we really had a Christmas tree in my parents’ house.

The last time we had a real tree.

The last time…for a long time…that the season felt special.

As the song goes, “It’s not the presents under the tree, it’s your presence next to me.” Hard to believe we’d lose my grandpa in 1992, dad would have his heart attack in 2000, and we’d lose my grandmothers in 2004 and 2008.

Somehow, the “moment” and “memories” don’t seem a special as they used to.

But this was a memory that was made to last. So much so that I tracked down (on eBay) another angel like what is atop this tree (from my mom’s childhood) and bought it for myself.

Silver Blue, who says… “I am with you… because you remember me.”

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