13 Apr

Whatever you do…

By Silver Blue

“Don’t Sneeze!” – (C) 2010 F. John Barker III/Silver Blue Photography


Silver Blue, who finds meditation to be an important part of every day.

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15 Jan

Peace amongst the plants

By Silver Blue | 1 comment


There’s something about the serenity when one is in nature that just has, at least to me, a calming effect.

A member of my neighbourhood, Marie, obviously feels the same as I do.

See? She even says “Enjoy”. Though for the season, she’s growing red berry bushes and…

Rosemary.  She appears to be growing a pile of firewood, too, though I’ve not seen seeds for it in the store.

I lingered, albeit on the street, absorbing the serenity of the garden. I photographed…

…and then vanished like fog in the morning sun.

Silver Blue, who asks: What brings you the most peace and serenity? What puts YOU in a Zen-like mood?

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07 Jan

The Circle of Life

By Silver Blue

I have a nice selection of photographs showing the holidays in my neighbourhood (before they were all taken down and packed away for the season); those will appear in a post tomorrow. Today, I thought I’d go back to nature for just a moment.

I’d asked, back in November, however, if I thought I’d have roses blooming in December. I did, and indeed, I have them blooming now:

While “Bud” may have gone to sleep for the winter (he did bloom, by the way, before Yuletide), “Pinky” is still giving it the ol’ one-two punch.

Okay, also the three-four-five. The rose seems to not realize that it’s wintertime and it’s time to rest. Still, I’m not going to complain.

While out on a walk to get photographs, I came across a neighbour’s rose bush…(okay, not a neighbour, as they live about half a mile from me, so that would make them in my neighbourhood, but not a neighbour, yes?) and as I looked at it (the plant is massive, with many blooms), I came upon this composition which I am most in love with. It is simplistic in its nature, but also speaks volumes.

I call it: “Life, Death, and Rebirth.”

(Life is looking to be a bit tattered at the moment, but I think we can all relate.)

Finally… a moment of peace.

You may blend in, Sweet Dove, but you caught my eye, and are forever in my photograph.


Silver Blue, who realizes that the circle of life is a wheel in constant motion, always rolling us along…

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