27 Apr

But you know I can’t come with you…

By Silver Blue

….for I’ll always be scared of heights.

11 random photos of Toronto and Niagara Falls (Canadian) from 2001:

ScotiaBank. If you haven’t gathered, this post is about tall buildings and heights. I wish I could tell you what these other buildings are, but I just simply don’t know. 11 years has washed away a great deal of memory.

Loved the deco style construction on the top of this building.

The way these three buildings lined up … still makes me smile for some reason. It just, in my mind, works.

This is the “New City Hall”. I know what that tall building is. 🙂

This, therefore, is the “Old City Hall”. 🙂 I was surprised to see seagulls on the lawn!

Nothing like looking down into the Toronto Skydome stadium from way up in the CN tower!

Me, on the Canadian side of the Niagara Falls (the horseshoe falls).

Finally, me with Misty Bear, mascot of the Maidens of the Mist ships that go up to the falls.


“You lift me up into the sky, feels like I could fly, never gonna die,
And I almost made it, but not quite.
Now you’re flying out of sight, and you know I can’t come with you,
I’ll always be scared of heights.”

Silver Blue…who looks back in wonder…and smiles.

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28 Mar

I’m on the top of the world…

By Silver Blue

or at least it seemed. July, 2001. Toronto, Ontario. The CN Tower. Dinner. Fabulous.


Up, Up, UP! (Did I mention that I’m not too keen on heights?)

Still, dinner was faboo. I had longer hair.

…and I also had a diamond stud earring.

It was a time that was well worth the 62 minutes dinner took (as that was how long it took the restaurant to rotate. I may never pass that way again, but for that brief moment in time, I truly was …on top of the world.

I had to do a lot of post processing to this photo because the city is so bright behind me, I practically was enrobed in shadows. The Sheraton Centre is the second buildling over my right shoulder (look at the pole coming out of my shoulder — little dark grey square building, then the long, flat building beside it….) that was where I stayed my trip north of the border.

The Sheraton.

The years have stolen from me the name of this art deco-ish hotel, but I loved the shapes!

Service was great as well. I snapped a photo of the server, because I thought his eyes matched his vest. Now that I look back upon it, no so much. But he did give the true Canadian hospitality, and that made the moment memorable. I don’t even remember (no surprise) what his name was. I wasn’t as good at putting in captions and meta data as I am these days, and with digital photos, there’s no “back” to write on. LOL.


Silver Blue, who now is going to bed. Nite-nite everyone!

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26 Sep

My evolution through time

By Silver Blue

In 1988, I created an abstract piece of art on my bedroom wall in my parents’ house. It exists to this day:

The wall was painted Federal Slate (a light blue), and it would still be another year before I took the moniker “Silver Blue”. The width between each triangle, and the diagonal stripe is 2″ — the width of the largest masking tape I had in the house. The top blue line is 2″ wide, the bottom red line is 1″ wide, and the red triangles are 1″ wide as well.

In 2001, I digitized the wall painting, and altered it for a (then) web company called “Polo Blue Web Productions Ltd.”

This served me well, but I disbanded the company in 2007, for numerous reasons. While I still own poloblue.net, it’s closed and probably will not be resurrected. I needed a way to be reborn. Enter the Phoenix. That’s how I see myself, most of the time. In a constant state of rebirth. Old parts of me are destroyed while new parts spring forth of the ashes of my past. Ergo, my new logo (designed by Elise Heath) is:

Take that with the changes in me (from left) in 1988, 2001, and 2011.

Silver Blue, who hopes that as time goes on, I never lose the will and desire to continue evolving into newer and more exciting (to me) versions of myself.

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