10 Sep

The Days of Wine and Roses…

By Silver Blue

…and you.

A couple of things that bring joy to my life.

My Waterford Wine Hocks and a good, sweet Sauternes wine…

(Sauternes, for me, is a treat, as it’s more than I’d normally pay for a bottle of wine. Above, a mere 1/2 bottle, ran me $31. A top of the line (98 point) full sized bottle can be more expensive than Dom Perignon, and run in the hundreds of dollars.)

Then of course, there are my roses. Even now, as the summer is coming to an end, their little engines are starting back up and I’ll get one more bloom (or possibly two) before the snow flies.

The magnolia tree is severely confused, too. It is on the third bloom cycle this year.

Silver Blue, who wishes to remind you to find beauty in the things of now, before they fade away to just a memory.

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15 Jul

Things that make me happy…

By Silver Blue | 1 comment


….when I’m feeling less like my usual Silver Blue self.

There’s my wine bottle covers from a coworker, and silk artwork from China:

(I name all my computers. The plate the the middle was from “Blue Thunder”, two laptops ago.)

Then, there’s my stained glass Valknuts. Valkwhats you say?

Custom made by an artist in Florida. (The Valknut (or Warrior’s Knot, or Knot of the Fallen) is a Sacred Symbol to Odin, King of the Nordic Gods. This “Magical Knot” was self-carved into the breasts of wounded  Viking Warriors so their Souls would be carried, by the Valkyries, to Valhalla, the Heavenly Meeting Hall where the heroes would feast with their Gods forever. However, one would be mistaken to associate this symbol solely with the bloody Vikings. Norse legends harken back to a a long forgotten age where… “Life was considered the ‘battlefield’ of the Soul, and to triumphant one had to overcome the forces of darkness in one’s own life, allowing the spirit to shine…the triple triangles of Mind, Body, and Spirit leads the Higher Self to Victory over Darkness, bringing Resurrection and Rebirth.*)


French Sauternes (a quite expensive dessert wine — the half bottle shown here can cost upwards of $100), and my Cobalt Waterford crystal wine hock.

Silver Blue, who is going back to bed, and going to shake this lethargy and malaise if it’s the last thing I do on this Earth!

(* From a bifold, Original Design by Kano Diebitsch, Copry (sic) 11-2008,

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