28 Mar

I’m on the top of the world…

By Silver Blue

or at least it seemed. July, 2001. Toronto, Ontario. The CN Tower. Dinner. Fabulous.


Up, Up, UP! (Did I mention that I’m not too keen on heights?)

Still, dinner was faboo. I had longer hair.

…and I also had a diamond stud earring.

It was a time that was well worth the 62 minutes dinner took (as that was how long it took the restaurant to rotate. I may never pass that way again, but for that brief moment in time, I truly was …on top of the world.

I had to do a lot of post processing to this photo because the city is so bright behind me, I practically was enrobed in shadows. The Sheraton Centre is the second buildling over my right shoulder (look at the pole coming out of my shoulder — little dark grey square building, then the long, flat building beside it….) that was where I stayed my trip north of the border.

The Sheraton.

The years have stolen from me the name of this art deco-ish hotel, but I loved the shapes!

Service was great as well. I snapped a photo of the server, because I thought his eyes matched his vest. Now that I look back upon it, no so much. But he did give the true Canadian hospitality, and that made the moment memorable. I don’t even remember (no surprise) what his name was. I wasn’t as good at putting in captions and meta data as I am these days, and with digital photos, there’s no “back” to write on. LOL.


Silver Blue, who now is going to bed. Nite-nite everyone!

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