07 May

Look, up in the sky!

By Silver Blue | 1 comment


It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No….it’s Super Moon!

It…doesn’t look so super does it? Maybe some music?

By the light of the silvery moon…
And the sun’s turned off.
When the moon is high,
And the sun’s turned off.

[“That’s one small step for man,
one giant leap for mankind”

Sous les nuages de la nuit (Under the clouds of the night,)
je marche vers la clairière. (I walk towards the clearing.)
D’un éclat argenté je la vois, (In a silver burst, I see her,)
la lune. (the moon.)

Elle porte les voiles de l’éternité, (She wears the veils of eternity,)
son auréole embrasse les étoiles, ma lune. (her halo embraces the stars, my moon.)

(Sarah Brightman, “La Lune”)

Come on, Moon. Don’t be shy.

May 5, 2012 brought the perigee of the Moon – the time when it is full, and at its closest orbit to the earth…a phenomenon known as the “Super Moon” – it looks larger and brighter than normal.

The super moon doesn’t always happen at the same time each year. The last one occurred in March, 2011.

So, since it was rainy and cloud covered on Saturday, I missed the super moon. 🙁 But… last night, the night after, the clouds broke for 8 minutes between 10:23 and 10:31. Sure, the moon was no longer Full, but Waning Gibbous. It didn’t matter. I wanted to try for the photo I’d been dreaming of. Doing my best, with a 600-1300mm lens, I snapped and snapped, and PRAYED I had the manual focus set right.

Each photo came in clearer… until…

MY MOON!!!!! My SUPER MOON!!!!! I had my shot! Moments later, clouds covered the moon; however, my photo had been achieved. I was able to head back indoors, put the tripod and telephoto lens away, and go to bed, knowing that one more thing on my bucket list had been crossed off.


Silver Blue, who remembers on April 9, when I first took an intense interest in photographing the moon…and how far I’ve come in such a short time.

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25 Apr

I blame you for the moonlit sky….

By Silver Blue

….and the dream that died with the eagle’s flight…

Don’t blame this sleeping satellite….

Actually, I didn’t take these photos. My mom did, in northern New Hampshire, October 6, 2006. I’m so proud of her (using a point and shoot) that I had to highlight them as a blog post. They’re beautiful. Like my mom is.

She has…well, in her words, she inherited her eye for photographs from me. (A sort of reverse inheritance, perhaps?)


We’re coming up on a full moon soon… time for me to sharpen my skills further. Perhaps I’ll be luckier this month! 🙂


Silver Blue… who feels at times that I boldly go where few have gone before (though I know better)


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19 Feb

Lens Flare?

By Silver Blue

Shooting from traffic, attempting to catch a full moon several years back, I suffered a camera anomaly that I described as lens flare. The setting of the sun captured off the aperture of the camera, and ended up looking like contrails from an aircraft, a meteor, or a UFO.

I can honestly say: This is lens flare. I remember it when it happened. I have a note on the file. There were no meteors, no contrails, no aircraft, and most importantly, no UFOs to be seen.

The people I was driving to have dinner with I no longer associate with. The person who introduced me to them I no longer associate with. My life has gotten better, and as for the bad times? Baby…never again.

Still, I’d like to be able to take shots like this from time to time again. Being stuck on traffic’s what sucks.


Silver Blue, who would LIKE to snap a photo of a meteor, or a UFO, but that’s not in my portfolio… yet.

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26 Jul

Quiet, please. The moon is sleeping.

By Silver Blue

This reminds me of a poem I wrote (that went in the “book”) called “The Moon Is Broken”.

“The Moon Is Broken”
Forester J. Barker III
December 4, 2006  – All Rights Reserved

The moon is broken,
my life’s not the same.
My nocturnal companion
has been spirited away.

The secrets I told her
from deep within my heart
now fly unfettered,
unattended in the dark.

Through the seas of stardust,
through the night unaware,
part of my past is winging,
all alone, out there.

There’s some solace in being numb
for emotions come and go,
no bitter words to cut you down,
No one saying “I told you so…”

For no longer do I walk
with the one that I love,
while my nighttime mistress
shines down from above.

So grasp each moment you can,
remember your words not spoken;
they may be all that you have
when you find that the moon is broken.

Silver Blue – who believes it’s time for bed.

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