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30 Apr

Take me back to my childhood

By Silver Blue | 2 comments


Well, almost. I had an unexpected treat yesterday when in a candy store, I spied:

Fruit Stripe Gum!!!! This, Hubba Bubba, Bubblicious, Freshen Up (The Gum That goes SQUIRT!), Bazooka, and Chicklets were all the gum of my youth. Sure, there was Juicy Fruit, DoubleMint, and others, but…these were the ones that I remember most fondly, and I’d not seen in almost 35 years.

Silver Blue, who has sometimes, the past can be delicious.

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23 Apr

I can move any mountain.

By Silver Blue

Well, not really.

But going to work today was an awesome thing, because of the cloud formations in the sky.

We’d had a storm that dropped in excess of 2″ of rain on the area, and while it had not fully cleared out, the cloud line … looked like mountains.

The cloud line has not been manipulated; in fact, I shot this with my Samsung Android phone this morning.

I’d not seen anything this “defined” in quite some time. Made it look like, instead of driving toward the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel, we were heading for the mountains.

While the clouds in this formation didn’t seem to drop any additional rain on us, later in the day, other clouds did. All a matter of capturing what there is, with what you have.


Silver Blue, who says that when mountains are made of clouds, they’re easy to move. 🙂

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