24 Feb

In a FOWL Mood

By Silver Blue

Took the day off from work because I’m sick of the only days off from work being those days that I am… sick. I have things that need tended to on the weekends normally, so no time for play there. Here comes the word that it will be in the 80s (in February!), and strong, potentially destructive thunderstorms in the afternoon.

Time to use the camera! What to shoot? What I did, put me in a FOWL Mood!


Hey Mr. Seagull, can’t you read? No fishing or crabbing!!!

I love the form of the gull on the wing. I don’t think this one’s name was Jonathan Livingston, however.

They did perch and peer at me, however. Determining that I had neither Cheese Puffs or bread to feed them, however…

…they soon took to flight.

Personally, I think I was in a flight path, today. 😉

Bye-bye blackbird. The one in the middle was obnoxiously noisy. You can see the open beak.

Mister (or Miss) Dove was looking for lunch. Like most doves, this one was shy and quickly darted behind the tree.

I’ve photographed these pier ruins over the years

(This was from 1995. You can see how little remains, and with each nor’easter and hurricane we get, more disappears…)

Mr. and Mrs. Mallard are looking for lunch as well.

As are these Canadian Geese, which no longer migrate. Is it due to the weather, or because people are feeding them?

Finally….just to prove that the weather was good for all…

Not a hare was out of place. 🙂

There were many more photos that are worthy of sharing…but they’ll have to wait for another way.


Silver Blue, who really enjoyed being out in nature today….

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07 Jan

The Circle of Life

By Silver Blue

I have a nice selection of photographs showing the holidays in my neighbourhood (before they were all taken down and packed away for the season); those will appear in a post tomorrow. Today, I thought I’d go back to nature for just a moment.

I’d asked, back in November, however, if I thought I’d have roses blooming in December. I did, and indeed, I have them blooming now:

While “Bud” may have gone to sleep for the winter (he did bloom, by the way, before Yuletide), “Pinky” is still giving it the ol’ one-two punch.

Okay, also the three-four-five. The rose seems to not realize that it’s wintertime and it’s time to rest. Still, I’m not going to complain.

While out on a walk to get photographs, I came across a neighbour’s rose bush…(okay, not a neighbour, as they live about half a mile from me, so that would make them in my neighbourhood, but not a neighbour, yes?) and as I looked at it (the plant is massive, with many blooms), I came upon this composition which I am most in love with. It is simplistic in its nature, but also speaks volumes.

I call it: “Life, Death, and Rebirth.”

(Life is looking to be a bit tattered at the moment, but I think we can all relate.)

Finally… a moment of peace.

You may blend in, Sweet Dove, but you caught my eye, and are forever in my photograph.


Silver Blue, who realizes that the circle of life is a wheel in constant motion, always rolling us along…

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24 Sep

Running From One Heart To Another

By Silver Blue

“A hint in the night, a touch of a dream has come to an end…” (Roxette, “From One Heart To Another”)

The last church I was affiliated with, Pembroke Manor UCC in Virginia Beach, had an awesome stained glass above the altar:

(This photo has not been photoshopped — I managed to get this photo before sunrise service, Easter 2007 – there’s an exterior light that illuminates from the outside.)

I walked away from organized religion in August of that year. The small, still voice inside me said that there was another work for me to do, but it was not bound within the walls of a church made by man.

Whether this voice was the voice of “God,”, the multiverse, or my own intuition, I do not know. But it felt right to do at the time, and feels right to this day. My “calling” is elsewhere.

The problem I have with Organized religion is multifold: 1st, are we to blindly believe that the God of War, Death and Destruction of the Old Testament received a prescription for some mood elevators and evolved into the God of Love, Forgiveness and Peace of the New Testament? The two dichotomies have never sat well with me. 2nd, and perhaps most important in my mind — are we to believe that God spoke with mankind for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years, and then, once his son was crucified and resurrected, has not had anything to say worthwhile of writing down and including in his “guideline for his children”?

One of the best things I’ve seen in recent memory is this:

If God can love and forgive, and God is supposed to be the only one who is able to judge, then Man has fallen so far short that we should all just step off the planet now. Someone needs to tell the politicians that they ARE NOT divine. I don’t care if their Republicans or Democrats. Acting like you have an inside link to the will of God is ludicrous. Not only that, it drives intelligent people away from you.

Silver Blue, who honestly thinks I’ve become apathetic.

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