17 Apr

Jacobi played peek-a-boo

By Silver Blue

1994. The cat that turned up on the back step and was a part of my life until she passed on in 2002. Jacobi. I don’t know how old she was because she never grew any larger. This is from an old negative I scanned in, when I lived in the flat.

Two days before Christmas.

Jacobi was only the second cat that’s ever owned me. The first, Tiger, lived with us in Charleston until he moved to my Grandparents on Dad’s side, where one day he simply roamed up into the hills, and vanished.


Silver Blue… who doesn’t have animals now because I don’t have the time they deserve to devote to them.

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21 Jan

Having Fun with Filters

By Silver Blue | 2 comments


Nothing wrong with a bit of post-production, as long as your photos aren’t ALL about manipulating them to make something worth keeping. (Mind you, the posts on HDR have to be performed in post-production, because otherwise they wouldn’t exist!) So, I’m sitting here going through photos for today’s blog post and realize I have some tools in my arsenal that I’ve not used, one of which is Alien Skin Software’s “Snap Art”.

Photographs can be art can’t they?

Let’s ask kitty:

So, kitty…. how would you feel about becoming a piece of art? What? You don’t give a rat, because you ate it? Okay. ZAP!

Instant artwork kitty.

Not bad. I wonder how it would work on the ever present squirrels in the neighbourhood?

An unsuspecting subject…. uh, I mean… a volunteer! ZAP!

Okay, so it seems to do better when they’re more of a separation of colours.

Remember that house (with the turret) that was posted yesterday? (and framed by trees the day before?) Here’s the front door:

With the kind of glass work, any wonder why I like it? Okay, let me break out my box of crayons.

Now that’s an interesting take. However, I did save the best (IMHO) for last. It’s mail time.

You know, if you click on the title of this post (Having Fun with Filters) you are taken to a page that just displays this post and you can comment. This is true for any posting done here on The Eyes of Silver Blue. Sometimes, it gets lonely here in cyberspace, with only 0s and 1s floating by.

I just LOVE the way this one turned out.

Silver Blue, who is grateful for music, cooking, food, photography, books and software that allow me to pursue my passions, and have fun on the way.

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