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26 Sep

Summer’s End

By Silver Blue

(C) 2013 F. John Barker III

(C) 2013 F. John Barker III

Remembering good times with good friends as the world continues its journey around the sun, and summer turns to autumn.

Silver Blue, who feels the seasons are changing too quickly.

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12 Jan

You’re no bunny…

By Silver Blue

…til some bunny loves you.

While out on walkies, this little cottontail decided to hop and say hello, before hopping away. It’s always amazing to me how skiddish these creatures are…until you start snapping photos. Then, they seem to relax, as they realize that you’re not going to do them any harm. I’m thankful for a zoom lens, to be certain!

There are days that I go out intent on photographing birds, squirrels, and nature… I have better luck finding houses, or the occasional yard ornament:

Silver Blue, who can NOT twitch his nose. Roxette Bunny™ has repeatedly attempted to teach me, and has given me up as a lost cause. 🙂

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23 Oct

How would you spend your last night on earth?

By Silver Blue

I was playing around with the new camera from work and the higher ISO speeds to put the camera through its paces.  This is my mantle, with a turquoise candle for healing, a blue (that looks purple) candle for clarity, and since it’s nearing Halloween, a beautiful feathered mask in blue and silver.

There’s just something surreal about this photo, even with the small amount of camera shake. That particular candle isn’t pink — it’s blue as well — Yankee Candle’s “Storm Watch”.

The thing to remember, and never EVER lose sight of is…

“You can’t smell the roses when you’re gone, so live every moment like it’s the last night on earth…” (“Roses”, Darren Hayes)

Silver Blue, who is slowing down to be sure to be able to smell the roses before it’s too late.

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