01 Oct

The seasons may change (and they do)

By Silver Blue

However, someone needs to let Mother Nature know these things. Why?

Well, currently in my front yard:

The burgundy iceburg rose is in bloom…

Plus, not only is the climbing peace rose in bud…

It’s also in bloom.  Then there’s….

Pinky. Due to the sunlight hitting the leaves in this way, it makes them look yellow instead of the red going to green that this rosebush does.

Labour Day is long past. Doesn’t Mother Nature understand that Halloween is around the corner? Soon, that too will be gone…

….like a butterfly. (I didn’t spend the 4.97 on it at Walmart, but believe me, I *WAS* tempted!)

Silver Blue, who thinks that everything is coming up roses…and he’s right!

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17 Jul

There must have been some magic…

By Silver Blue

….in that old blue hat he found…

Yes, an honest-to-goodness BLUE Santa hat. Found it at Wal-mart of all places. I’d like to think it helped bring a little happiness to some lives this past year. The magic of it’s gone now (or at least recharging for the next season, LOL!), but for a short moment… everything was right in the world as long as that hat was on my head.

Silver Blue, who is ready for summer to be over.

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