31 Jan

Where are you, Winter?

By Silver Blue | 1 comment


You used to come and visit. Take 1973, in Charleston, SC:

Dad, The snowman, “Tiny”, our chihuahua, and me.

Then, in March 1980, also in Charleston:

From the left, my friend Karan Steinmeyer, me (yes, my foot is on my skateboard — don’t ask, I don’t know why!), and friend Patty Scofield.

1984, in Virginia:

Not much snow, but enough to make a snowman. (Oh, and Polaroid film!)

Jump forward to 2010:

Snow and ice. Brr!

We had our share of snow… a good 6-8 inches (which, for Virginia, is a good snowfall). But even that amount of snow could not…

…disturb Buddha from his contemplations. (This photo was when Buddha was at his original home in Norfolk, before he came to stay with me for a while — he’s currently on my hearth.)

Silver Blue, who is cursing this 60 and 70 degree weather at the end of January. I want my cold weather, I want my snow… to kill the bugs, and to make me appreciate the spring and summer more!!!

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25 Sep

A Day That Changed My Life

By Silver Blue

January 2, 2010. The day I was afflicted with Bell’s Palsy. Out of the blue. I didn’t know what in the hell was going on. I didn’t even know what it was. I poured over Google, which said it could be an impacted sinus, a clogged salivary gland… and in the middle of the night, as I lay awake, something told me to Google “Bell’s Palsy”. (I obviously had heard of it before, but didn’t remember it.)

That was it. This was me.

I was paralyzed on the left side of my face. My roommate drove me to an urgent care, where they confirmed that I did, indeed, have the classic Bell’s paralyzation, and the doctor said we’d start Prednazone, in additon to another drug to attempt to get me back to normal. I went to work 2 days later and everyone though I’d had (or was having) a stroke.   I read everything I could on the palsy, and even went to a neurologist, who told me that it could take 6 to 8 months to recover as much as I was going to, and that some people never fully recover from their attacks.

I’m one of the lucky ones. 4 months later, on April 8, this was me:

As you see, I fully recovered from my paralyzation. I’m one of the lucky ones. But that day is one I consider to be the day that changed my life. I don’t take anything for granted any more. Life’s short.  I try to make it memorable for those who I come in contact with.

Silver Blue, who’s thankful to have been given a second chance.

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