03 Oct

Who’s that guy?

By Silver Blue

Spain trip, January 1988. The Island of Tenerife.

24 years has brought about a lot of changes.

Silver Blue…who knows it best to not wish to be able to go back and undo things.

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11 Feb

Mood Food.

By Silver Blue

From 1988. Taken via a Polaroid Land Camera, Norfolk, VA.

I weighed all of 135 lbs in this photo. I never wish to be that skinny again, though I do believe, as a moody photo of me, this works.

Silver Blue, who knows these days, I must be happy with myself, or no one else can be.

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26 Sep

My evolution through time

By Silver Blue

In 1988, I created an abstract piece of art on my bedroom wall in my parents’ house. It exists to this day:

The wall was painted Federal Slate (a light blue), and it would still be another year before I took the moniker “Silver Blue”. The width between each triangle, and the diagonal stripe is 2″ — the width of the largest masking tape I had in the house. The top blue line is 2″ wide, the bottom red line is 1″ wide, and the red triangles are 1″ wide as well.

In 2001, I digitized the wall painting, and altered it for a (then) web company called “Polo Blue Web Productions Ltd.”

This served me well, but I disbanded the company in 2007, for numerous reasons. While I still own poloblue.net, it’s closed and probably will not be resurrected. I needed a way to be reborn. Enter the Phoenix. That’s how I see myself, most of the time. In a constant state of rebirth. Old parts of me are destroyed while new parts spring forth of the ashes of my past. Ergo, my new logo (designed by Elise Heath) is:

Take that with the changes in me (from left) in 1988, 2001, and 2011.

Silver Blue, who hopes that as time goes on, I never lose the will and desire to continue evolving into newer and more exciting (to me) versions of myself.

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