29 Sep

I’m not myself…

By Silver Blue | 1 comment


…though knowing me, I know I am.

What am I referring to? When combing through my photo archive this evening for a suitable picture to use, I came across one of me, and my hairstylist, Beth, in which there’s something that made me do a double take. “I’m not myself…”

Well, the watch is mine. The shirt, I used to own (it was silk, and after 4 or 5 years, it started to develop holes, etc. and had to be disposed of). The “Believe” necklace is there, so … it IS me (in fact, I can tell I’m also wearing my Eagle pendant necklace as well (you can barely see it to the left of the flash unit)). The corner of the picture frame makes it look like I am wearing an earring, which I haven’t since 2007. Oh wait. It’s that I’m not all spiky! I had this hairstyle (parted on one side, due to numerous cowlicks) for too many years to count. The spikes are easier to tend to, and allow me to towel and go.

Silver Blue, who wonders how many people actually take the time to stop and look in the mirror…and see their real self.

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One comment

  • 01 Silver Blue 09/29 20:33
    Silver Blue

    The picture ALSO looks strangely “American Gothic”-esque! That’s it! My camera is doubling as a pitchfork! LOL.

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