16 Jun

When the Snow flies…

By Silver Blue

…it is relatively a rare occurrence in Hampton Roads. We have had our share of it, but there are some moments that are memorable as well:

On campus, they forgot to shut the lion fountain off. This is one of my favourite wintertime photos, taken in January 2000.

Mostly we get mere dustings of snow, which the wind can easily whip around.

While something this light would be enough to shut the city down for a day.

In 2004, we had something of an anomaly. 14″ of snow, right around Christmas time. The housemate took the photos.

I was dealing with my own blizzard at the time, visiting my grandmother in Ohio.

It may not look like a whole lot of snow to my northern visitors, but this is a mega rare occurrence, and one the area is not prepared to deal with. Especially on the side roads. That doesn’t mean, however….

…that there isn’t beauty to be had. The housemate is especially fond of this photo she took because of the red car, like a ladybug, in the centre of the picture.  (For those who used to follow the Ramblings of Silver Blue, yes, the photo was taken by Tink, who used to have her own blog of “Flitting Here And There”)

As you can see, even with a small amount of snow, the streets ice over and the drivers in this area? I think the tire tracks on the right say all that need be said. 🙂

When you get snow, then ice, then snow, then freezing rain, then snow again, it makes for an interesting outcome.

Fortunately, the utilities held out. Or I’d be finding SOME way to keep warm, indeed!

Your moment of Zen. Buddha, unaffected by the snow. (He was in Norfolk at the time (December 2010) as was given as a gift to me just this past spring. He now resides on my hearth, where he can stay warm and not be concerned with the elements. 🙂 )

Silver Blue, all of a sudden in the mood for a snow cone.

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