April 27th, 2012

27 Apr

But you know I can’t come with you…

By Silver Blue

….for I’ll always be scared of heights.

11 random photos of Toronto and Niagara Falls (Canadian) from 2001:

ScotiaBank. If you haven’t gathered, this post is about tall buildings and heights. I wish I could tell you what these other buildings are, but I just simply don’t know. 11 years has washed away a great deal of memory.

Loved the deco style construction on the top of this building.

The way these three buildings lined up … still makes me smile for some reason. It just, in my mind, works.

This is the “New City Hall”. I know what that tall building is. 🙂

This, therefore, is the “Old City Hall”. 🙂 I was surprised to see seagulls on the lawn!

Nothing like looking down into the Toronto Skydome stadium from way up in the CN tower!

Me, on the Canadian side of the Niagara Falls (the horseshoe falls).

Finally, me with Misty Bear, mascot of the Maidens of the Mist ships that go up to the falls.


“You lift me up into the sky, feels like I could fly, never gonna die,
And I almost made it, but not quite.
Now you’re flying out of sight, and you know I can’t come with you,
I’ll always be scared of heights.”

Silver Blue…who looks back in wonder…and smiles.

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