April 21st, 2012

21 Apr

Why do you build me up…

By Silver Blue

…buttercup, baby…

Seeing Double. Well, not really double. But these ARE the first shots with the lens doubler. Took my 300mm lens and made a 600mm out of it. I really can’t wait for the full moon to see what the new photos will look like (the new moon (and lots of rain) is happening tonight, SO….that’s out the window…)

The orangy/pinky rose is getting ready to burst forth again.

Not QUITE in focus (I’m having to do it all manually), these are across the street, 1/2 of the way back on the neighbour’s property.

Finally, also in the yard….

Almost Crimson…and clover. Over and over.


Silver Blue, who has designated today as self-care day. I need sleep.

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