April 8th, 2012

08 Apr

A bird’s eye view…

By Silver Blue

Yesterday offered me the opportunity to do something I’d spoken of for quite some time, but never had the opportunity to do. Go to the top of the parking deck beside our building and get pictures of our building, then reverse position and capture the football stadium.

It looks to different from above!

The problem I had was finding time to be able to get to the top and photo — Before they changed the parking patterns, it was hard to find a space in the upper levels that would have allowed access. A Saturday afternoon, however, spelled no such problems.

It’s really interesting because from ground level, you can’t see ANY of the black construction on the roof:

This photo was taken April 29, 2003 — before they built the parking deck, before the moved the building sign from south to north, and when we obviously had a malfunctioning front door, which seems to be stuck open.

Switching sides of the parking deck:

S. B. Ballard Stadium at Foreman Field. Home to Monarch Football.

There’s talk of expanding the stadium by taking out the bleachers on the far end. (On the near end are luxury suites and club house boxes).

Feel the Roar. BE the Roar.

Come alive and show that Monarch Pride!  Still, love the glow of the afternoon sun from atop the deck. These were taken just before the banquet I photographed last night, and last night’s blog photos were taken after that event. Strangely enough, even with continually raising my camera to my eye, I wasn’t “seeing” a lot of photos to be taken. There were 298 taken in the 3+ hour banquet, and those are being provided to the client, but I only managed 13 shots before and 9 shots after…it wasn’t one of my more “creative” days.


Silver Blue, who has been down for the count most of the day, but don’t count me out just yet.


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