September 12th, 2011

12 Sep

A bird’s eye view…

By Silver Blue

…on life.

There existed, for a while (it may still be there, but I don’t travel that section of Norfolk any more) an apartment complex in Oceanview, Norfolk, VA that was…ready for flight. (These photos were taken March 20, 1999.)

The owners of the building had taken the time and expense of hiring a professional painter to deck the building out in multi-coloured flamingos.

The mural wrapped around the building, but the birds were only on the front section. Who ever thought of a “blue” flamingo? Let alone a green one? How about a purple? Yellow, orange and pink…well, you can get those by changing the diet of the birds.

The last time I was down in that section (between 4th View and 15th View) was … Oh good heavens. About 7 years ago. I just don’t have a need to go to that section of town, so… it’s anyone’s guess if this has weathered well, or if perhaps it’s been painted over.  (I do know that if it had been in Virginia Beach, it would have been painted over already because they do not allow murals to be painted on buildings.)

Silver Blue… who realizes that at times, life really IS for the birds.

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